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Migrate from ScribbleLive to Live Center in under 30 minutes

Live Center has been the solution of choice for news publishers looking for a replacement for ScribbleLive - also known as Rock Content Live - for years.

Looking for a next-generation replacement for ScribbleLive? Talk to our experts to find out how Live Center supports audience attraction, reader engagement, revenue strategies and efficiently streamlining newsroom's workflows.

Trusted by hundreds of publishers across the globe
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Why publishers turn to Live Center

In recent years, 10+ of the world's leading news publishers have migrated from ScribbleLive to Live Center to gain access to a best-in-class live publishing solution. Here is how Live Center makes a difference in their live coverage of news, sports, and other live events.

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Intuitive publishing interface

Empower journalists with a straightforward editorial interface to cover news as it happens.

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Embed content and publish social media posts
  • Custom design to match your brand 

Immersive reader experience

Win over fans, engage readers, and retain subscribers by serving more engaging content to your audience.

  • Engage with users through Q&A, chat, polls, quizzes
  • Storytelling with engaging features
  • Enhance feeds with automated content 
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Sport bet placements

Monetization strategies

Explore digital monetization strategies through live coverage with Live Center.

  • Live Center seamlessly integrates with your ad platform
  • Helps you increase advertising revenue
  • Drives reader conversion to loyal subscribers

Great features for a rich user experience

Features Scribblelive Live Center
Digital Experience    
Social Media support & integrations
Commenting, Chat, Q&A, AMA
Sports suite - 
Scoreboards, in-game icons, Avatars, timeline, etc.
Real-time sport data
Moderation spam & profanity filter
Configurable editor interface  
Tag & Importance level on posts  
Highlight key events
Responsive & mobile-first design
Pre-made live blog themes
SEO optimized  
Full Control     
Custom live blog themes & post structure
CMS integration 
Full API access
Extendible editor   
Dedicated hybrid/ private servers  
Publication on multiple domains
Extensions, supporting unlimited custom functionality   
Integrable with Analytics solutions
Enterprise-level account, user, & role support


Ads placements in live feeds
Paywall & premium content control on post  
Custom affiliate network support (Sports betting)