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How much do you take SEO to heart?

"News publishers have a fairly unique position, as Google wants to crawl newly published articles very quickly, within a few minutes of their publication". - Barry Adams, SEO expert at Polemic Digital

There is still a lot of debate on whether AI-generated overviews will “steal” traffic from news websites or not, and how publishers can make up for the decline in referral traffic from social media channels to news publications’ sites, on the back of changes in Facebook's algorithms.

Regardless of technological progress and fluctuations, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains vital for visibility and helps publishers adapt to evolving media consumption habits, expand their audience, and remain competitive in the online space.

This practical guide is co-written by SEO media industry expert, Barry Adams. Publishers will gain insights and actionable takeaways to improve their article ranking, live blog ranking and increase their website domain authority.

In this guide, we cover:

  • SEO for publishers
  • How does SEO work with a live blog?

  • Linking, social media and engagement

  • Under the hood: a technical overview

  • Top ranking factors and practical step-by-step guidance

Download the guide and let's roll up our sleeves!